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“Pattaya Hot Deal” – Thai tourists to be lured with 50% off but Chinese may not be back until CNY 2021


“Pattaya Hot Deal” – Thai tourists to be lured with 50% off but Chinese may not be back until CNY 2021

“Pattaya Hot Deal” – Thai tourists to be lured with 50% off but Chinese may not be back until CNY 2021


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Tourism authorities in Pattaya are attempting to woo back Thai tourists with a scheme to give them 50% off. 


But foreigners will not be returning any time soon and the Chinese are not expected to come at all until Chinese New Year in 2021.


The “Pattaya Hot Deal” available via the Shopee app comes after consultations between tourism business leaders and the mayor of Pattaya Sontaya Khunpluem after Thailand eased many restrictions and stopped the curfew that had been in place for two months. 


As part of the plan a Thai tourist staying at a 1,000 baht hotel would only pay 500 baht and the Tourism Authority of Thailand would make up the difference. 



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Manager made no reference to whether this would also apply to foreigners residing in Thailand. 


The stimulus package was part of comments made by acting Chonburi tourism association chief Thanet Supharothatrangsee who offered a frank assessment of where Pattaya is right now, notes Thaivisa. 


Thanet said that pictures in the media ofPattaya full of tourists were misleading as they were on weekends and holidays. During the week the resort was dead. 


So he and others had been to see the mayor and encourage him to put his weight behind stimulus measures to boost Thai tourism and get government department seminars to be held in Pattaya. Tax breaks are expected to be given to hotels after the mayor goes to see PM Prayut Chan-ocha. 



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Thanet said it was unrealistic to expect foreigners to return to Pattaya for the time being. Even plans to create a “Travel Bubble” of countries where the nationals of various “safe countries could visit Thailand first are not going to happen any time soon.


He pointed to South Korean that would be part of such a scheme saying that there had been new spikes in the virus after pubs and clubs were allowed to open there.


Also he doubted that many foreigners would be travelling with social distancing on airlines resulting in high air fares. 


The earliest that foreign tourists might return is the end of the year, he said but even that was optimistic. 



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Commenting on the Chinese market he said that they won’t be going abroad for some time and will travel within their own regions in their own country. 


The earliest Pattaya may see a return of the Chinese would be at Chinese New Year early in 2021.


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