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Pattaya video: Massage girls fight over foreigners


Pattaya video: Massage girls fight over foreigners

Pattaya: Massage girls fight over foreigners


Image: Channel 7 national news


Channel 7 national news posted a video from shopfront CCTV that they said showed a fight between two groups of massage girls at two establishments in Pattaya on Thursday evening.


After an initial confrontation the hair of one woman is grabbed before a fight erupts. A couple of foreigners try to intervene. 


One of the combatants told the media that trouble brewed a few days before when she went out to buy something and started talking to some foreigners. 


More trouble erupted on Thursday when the warring sides met up again. 


Now the Pattaya police have issued summonses for all those involved to come in and smooth things out.


Source: Channel 7 national news



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