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Pestering of beach tourists banned by local mayor: But will other beaches in Thailand follow suit?


Pestering of beach tourists banned by local mayor: But will other beaches in Thailand follow suit?

Pestering of beach tourists banned by local mayor: But will other beaches in Thailand follow suit?



It is a common problem on beaches not just in Thailand but around the world. You have just settled down on your beach towel, put your sunglasses on and prepared your favorite book for a relaxing day soaking up the sun. There is not a care in the world in your bit of paradise.


Then they come.


“You want food?  You want to buy my watch? You want ice-cream? You want a massage? etc etc


The constant saying “no” even if there is occasionally something you want can ruin peoples’ day, create arguments and turn a pleasant day on the sands into a chore.


Now the high profile mayor of one of Thailand’s leading resorts that caters to a mostly domestic market has outlawed the practice. 


Saensuk mayor Narongchai Kunpluem – the high profile strongarm chief responsible for Bang Saen beach – went on his personal Facebook page to announce an end to pestering of tourists whether the vendors are legal or not. 


The new rules in a story by 77kaoded also addressed overcharging by vendors and laid out strict times when they could operate. 



Picture: 77kaoded


Deckchair vendors would be allowed to charge 30, 40 or 50 baht a person but 50 was the maximum. 


They were limited to 6am to 6pm Tuesday to Thursday and up to 8pm on other days. Monday they would have to close unless that was a public holiday. In this case  the next day they would have to shut instead. 


People are allowed to bring their own food and drink except alcohol. 


No cooking is allowed and no smoking except in designated areas determined by the local authority. 


Vendors are limited to certain areas and there will be none of that beach pestering that is so annoying to many visitors, said the man known as “Mayor Tui”.


Tui has been quoted many times in recent stories complaining about his compatriots messing up the beach. Elsewhere on Thaivisa today a vendor suggested that businesses and Thai tourists were finally getting the cleanliness message. 


The mayor also said on Facebook that food prices are set by the local authority though there is leeway in the price of seafood according to market forces. 



Picture: 77kaoded


He urged conversations between the vendors and the public so that people were absolutely sure what they would be charged before the bill came so as to avoid arguments later.


The Saensuk mayor is part of the Khunpleum family related to infamous Kamnan Poh who was convicted of murder. A sibling of Tui is Sontaya Khunpluem the mayor of Pattaya.


Many people especially tourists have complained about being pestered on the beaches of Pattaya but it remains to be seen if there is the will to bring in new regulations there or elsewhere in Thailand, notes Thaivisa. 




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