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Big ass Live at Differ Friday 15 March


Big ass Live at Differ Friday 15 March

Ticket only 250 baht per person

Pattaya Differ Pub opens from 20.00 – 02.00 everyday, except special holidays in Thailand that the pub is unable to sell drinks. As Differ is just next to Nort Pattaya Big C, it is not difficult to go to Pattaya Differ Pub. Visitors can go to North Pattaya Big C By a Song Thaew (then just walk a little) or just go there by a taxi or motorcycle taxi.

Whenever the topic of Pattaya nightclub is involved, Pattaya Differ Pub is often mentioned, especially for Thai visitors. This is because Differ can deliver enjoyments towards customers, where visitor can find exciting music inside, the atmosphere of crowded environment, attractive modern decoration. Differ Pub usually get packed after 11 p.m. The location of Differ Pub is near North Pattaya Big C.

attaya Differ Pub officially opened on 24 December 2004. The pub is decorated with a grass wall, where it could attract more visitors when seeing activities inside though it. There are two zones for the pub. One is outdoor zone, where customers can enjoy folksong and soccer program there. In fact, there is another outdoor zone upstairs that only opens on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you want to smoke, you need to smoke in this zone though. Indoor zone is the other zone, and it is a place for people to enjoy full band live music and exciting music

Contact information

Address: near North Pattaya Big C
Tel: +66(0)-3836-2467

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