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Issan Festival 2014 – 7th till 9th March


Issan Festival 2014 – 7th till 9th March

Issan Festival 2014 March 7-9 The culture of northeastern Thailand will compete with transvestite beauty pageants at the Issan Festival 2014 March 7-9. Opening ceremonies will be held at Pattaya School No. 8 and the rest of the event will take place at the empty lot on Pattaya Third Road between North and Central roads. The event will feature a parade, performances from actor Nadej Kokimiya and country music singer Ying Lee, general Issan music, and sales of northeastern products. There also will be a “phi ta khon” scary-ghost dance competition with winners receiving more than 100,000 baht in prizes.

The first day begins with the parade, which will highlight a variety of traditional northeastern dances, “pin” playing, “kaan” mouth-organ blowing and more cultural shows.

The second day will feature a transvestite beauty show featuring performers from Mimosa Pattaya and various “mo lam sing” concerts.

Rival transvestites from the Tiffany Show hit the stage on the third day before winners of the scary-ghost contest are announced.

Plenty of northeast-made products will be up for sale and profits from the entire event will be donated to Phrabatnam-pu Temple in Saraburi Province which helps AIDS and HIV patients.

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