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Khao Mai Kaew Trail 2019 at Khao Mai Kaew Reservation Park – Sunday 22nd September


Khao Mai Kaew Trail 2019 at Khao Mai Kaew Reservation Park – Sunday 22nd September

2nd Khao Mai Keaw Trail 2019
The practice field of many people For trail running

This is the second time. If anyone wants to try the first trailer Recommend to come to this field who wants to know how the route is? How difficult try to find clips from the page to view immediately.

But if anyone can’t think of running, but want to try, don’t have to think too much, try it. Last year, Page ran continuously, sending a 4-year-old trail runner on this 4-kilometer run to finish beautifully this year. The same person will return to the field again.

Running day 22 Sep 19
Route 4 distance

4K Application fee 400/500 baht
10K Application fee 600/700 baht
25K Application fee 900 / 1,000 baht (with a finisher shirt)
40K application fee 1,100 / 1,200 baht (with a finisher shirt)
VIP application fee 1,500 baht

Accepting applications for this 20 June 2019 at
(Early bird enrollment period 20 Jun 19 – 31 Jul 19)
(Normal application period 1 Aug 19 – 15 Sep 19)

Organizer ;

* Organized by the Khao Mai Kaew Subdistrict Community Leaders Committee
** Part of the income is donated to the management and development of community forests in Khao Mai Kaew Subdistrict

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