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Lion Pub Sport Menu


Lion Pub Sport Menu

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Opening Times:
Bar: 8am – Till Late
Kitchen: 8am – 12pm

Breakfast From 8am – 2pm

1. Breakfast Cereal Bowl of cornflakes 90 Baht

2. Toast 2 Toast & Jam 50 Baht
Cheese on toast 2 pc 120 Baht
Cheese & bacon on toast 2 pc 150 Baht
Baked beans on toast 90 Baht
Poached eggs on toast 90 Baht

3. Breakfast Super Saver
1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 egg, 1 toast 99 Baht

4. Breakfast Sandwiches
Bacon & egg / sausage & egg 110 Baht

5. Breakfast Set
2 Eggs, back bacon, pork sausage,
baked beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms,
toast, butter & jam. Includes tea or coffee 160 Baht

6. Minute Steak Breakfast
Steak, 2 eggs, beans, home fried potatoes 160 Baht

7. American Breakfast
2 Eggs, ham, toast, butter & jam.
Includes tea or coffee. 140 Baht

8. Omelet
2 Egg omelet served with toast,
Butter & jam. Includes tea or coffee 120 Baht
Add: ham or cheese 20 Baht


9. Bowl Of Chips 110 Baht

10. Chicken Tenders
Tender strips of chicken
coated in special herbs & Spices
served with a plum dipping sauce 120 Baht

11. Spicy Chicken Wings
Served with sweet chilli sauce or blue cheese 140 Baht

12. Chicken Nuggets
10 x chicken nuggets with sweet chilli sauce 140 Baht

13. Chicken Satay Skewers
With peanut sauce 140 Baht

14. Tandory Chicken Skewers 140 Baht

15. Sandwiches Toasted / Untoasted
Club / BLT / Ham salad
Cheese salad / Chicken roll 120 Baht

16. Calamari
Tender crumbed rings, served
with tatar sauce 140 Baht

17. Samosa’s
Served with sweet chilli sauce 160 Baht

18. Spring Rolls
Served with sweet chilli sauce 160 Baht

19. Mixed Platter
Chicken & pork satay, samosa’s,
spring rolls & onion rings 295 Baht

20. Lion Pub Platter / To Share
To much to eat on your own, share it with
your friends
Ribs, mixed skewers, samosa’s, spring rolls
& onion rings 495 Baht

21. Chili Cheese Chips
Chips topped with chili & cheese 260 Baht

22. Soup Of The Day
Served with bread 110 Baht

23. Jacket Potato With butter 120 Baht
Cheese and beans 150 Baht
Prawns with thousand island dressing 150 Baht
Chilli 150 Baht
Sour cream, bacon and chives 150 Baht
All served with salad garnish

24. Prawn Cocktail
Fresh prawns on salad with
thousand island dressing 160 Baht


25. Monster All Day Breakfast
Comes with sausage, bacon, beans,
mushrooms, black pudding, fried bread
2 x toast 295 Baht

26. 10” Pizza
Margherita 190 Baht
Hawaiian 210 Baht
Supreme 210 Baht

27. Burgers Beef / Chicken / Fish
Served with salad on a toasted bun
and chips 190 Baht
Add cheese, bacon or egg 20 Baht

28. The Aussie Kitchen Sink Burger
Served with beef patty, cheese, bacon,
egg, pineapple ring, beetroot, chips & salad 320 Baht

29. Monster Hotdog
A huge hotdog served in a fresh bun
covered in bacon bits cheese and fried Onions 170 Baht

30. Chicken & Chips
Tender strips of chicken coated in special
herbs & spices served with a mountain of chips 190 Baht

31. Fish & Chips
Dory fish with garden peas
and tarter sauce 230 Baht

32. Nacho’s
A large plate of corn chips with your choice
of chicken or beef, with sour cream,
guacamole & grilled cheese 220 Baht

33. Chili Con Carne
Served with rice 190 Baht

34. Steak Sandwich
A juicy steak on a toasted baguette
with fried onion, tomato, lettuce & cheese
served with coleslaw & chunky chips 260 Baht

35. Roasted Chicken Breast
Served with chips and peas or
vegetables and roast potato’s 290 Baht

36. Pasta Carbonara
In a creamy sauce with garlic bread 210 Baht

37. Spaghetti & Meat Balls
Just like mama used to make them 210 Baht

38. Beef Stroganoff 240 Baht

39. Schnitzel, Chicken / Pork
Your choice of chicken or pork served
with a generous portion of salad and chips 220 Baht

40. Horseshoe Gammon Steak
250gram, served with egg, onion rings &
garden peas 320 Baht

41. English Style Donner Kebab
Served with lettuce, onion, tomato,
chips and your choice of sauce 260 Baht

42. Lion Pub Mixed Grill
Tenderloin steak, gammon steak,
chicken breast and a cumberland sausage,
served with a choice of chips or jacket potato,
fried egg, mushrooms and fried onions, grilled
tomato and garden peas. 495 Baht

43. Pork Chop
250gram, served with chips,
mixed vegetables & gravy 320 Baht

44. Ribs
Huge rack of ribs served with corn on
the cob & chips 320 Baht

45. Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad 195 Baht

46. Ham Salad 195 Baht

47. Cheese Salad 195 Baht

48. Beef Stew
Succulent pieces of beef,
served with potato & vegetables 245 Baht

49. Cottage Pie
With a selection of vegetables 245 Baht

50. Bangers & Mash
Served with fried onions and peas & gravy 220 Baht

51. Lion Pub Steak
250 gram tenderloin steak, served with
chips and peas or a selection of vegetables 395 Baht

52. Pie, Chips & Peas
Chicken / mushroom
Steak / bacon
Steak / kidney
All served with gravy 220 Baht

53. Lasagne
Served with side salad 220 Baht

54. Sweet and Sour
Pork / chicken / fish
Served with steamed rice 150 Baht

55. Chow Mein
Pork / chicken 195 Baht

56. Chicken Yellow Curry
Served with rice 240 Baht

57. Chicken Tikka
Served with rice 240 Baht

58. Indian Butter Chicken
Served with rice 240 Baht

59. Lamb Madrass
Served with rice 240 Baht

Thai Food

All Thai Food 150 Baht – Including Rice
If you’re favorite Thai food is not listed, Just ASK.

60. Yam Woon Sen (ยำวุ้นเส้น)
Spicy glass noodle salad with
prawns and minced pork

61. Tom Yam (ต้มยำ)

62. Pa Naeng (พะแนง)
Stir fried pa naeng paste in
coconut milk with your choice of meat

63. Pla Pad Khing (ปลาผัดขิง),
Stir fried fillet of fish with fresh ginger

64. Chicken & Cashew Nuts (ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วง)

65. Pad Kra Paow (ผัดกะเพรา),
Stir fried, with hot basil, and a choice of meat.

66. Pad Thai (ผดัไทย),
Tradition thai fried rice noodle with
grilled prawns, beef, pork, chicken or fish
cooked in red curry
A traditional hot and sour thai style
soup with your choice of meat


67. Cheese Cake
Served with ice cream 160 Baht

68. Apple Crumble
With custard or ice cream 160 Baht

69. Sticky Toffee Pudding
Served with ice cream 160 Baht

70. Ice Cream x 2 Scoops
Vanilla 120 Baht

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Room Service Available Dial 222

Tel: 038 301 030/3
Email: [email protected]

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