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Love Fest Thailand at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya – Saturday 2nd November 2019


Love Fest Thailand at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya – Saturday 2nd November 2019

Seaside love festival First time in Thailand
In love..heartbreaking..single..can come!!
Take the heart for a hot vacation .. and love noon, noon until midnight with 3 zones, 3 love statuses, so love, so hurt and so single

Lovely come Lover. Pictures of couple at thousands of pink flower fields, divided by the sea

So hurt, got leave come to this zone
Get into pavilion GU RU OF LOVE and onsult with “Pee Oi Pee Chad” one by one by the sea.
5 minutes per round, 100 baht, continue to make merit to the heart. Along with checking the love horoscope with “Chang Tossaporn”

LOVE BOX can continue to send merit with garbage, love, moving love instead of the heart on the day that we love each other, keep only the heart !! Stick to the cabinet to drop for the kids underprivileged to utilize

LOVE MIRROR, Many people need encouragement but do not want anyone to know that Hurt. Looks at the 24 mirrors as according to the encouragement from the 24 quotes “Phi Oi Phi Chad” that will turn into a power for you to love yourself

Unmatched people .. Walking straight into this zone .. then stumbling across the love zone. “No love but can buy, can eat !!” with 20 restaurants, delicious menu, trusted lover, single person, visit the booth “see egg fortune telling” 1 person, 1 bubble, 1 prediction pair that only you know is accurate or random

Add the beat of music to the heart. LINE UP. Long to midday, midnight.
ACOUSTIC ON THE BEACH Afternoon, evening, listening to music.
Chart Suchat, Nat Sakdatorn and WONDERFRAME
Six o’clock it’s the time for UP BEATS ON DA BEACH.
ROCK – RAP – POP – DANCE with 5 artists of all genres and production level CHANGE SHOWBIZ URBOYTJ, ETC, LIPTA, SLOT MACHINE, J JETRIN

Ticket sales 14th September at all branches of THAITICKET MAJOR

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