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Loy Krathong Festival Pattaya – November


Loy Krathong Festival Pattaya – November

Floating Krathong Away into the Water

The Krathong festival will bring more visitors to this city of Pattaya and is not only a Thai festival but huge tourist attraction such is the beauty and charm of the event. The city during this evening will come alive and the skies will be full of beautiful paper lanterns that people light and let into the sky to bring them good luck, whilst you can also push your ‘krathong’ out to the ocean to ask forgiveness fore the polluting the ocean.

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When does it Happen?

In general, typically during the month of November 2013 and is based on the last full moon of the year. A great number of both visitors and local people will go to Pattaya Beach for floating their Krathong, and because of that, there will be food and products from street stalls available beside the beach.

But there are the other two options for those who would like to go float their krathong in different places around the city. The first one is Pattaya Floating Market, which is also offer the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the festival there, and the other one is Mabphrachan Resevoir, which could be more quieter as not many people know how to go there, but if you like to know, see the Map of Mabprachan Resevoir. For this year, Mimosa Pattaya is also a place for visitors to enjoy Krathong Festival as they have announed about the event already, although mimosa is not a really large place.

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