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Midweek rant: Death penalty Thailand – make your bloody mind up


Midweek rant: Death penalty Thailand – make your bloody mind up



It is a given that the criminal justice system is in a mess in Thailand.

The most absurd irregularities in sentencing make that case plain and simple.

Five years potentially for vaping yet suspended sentences for assault.

Jail time for defaming the guilty but get off Scot free for ripping
off the poor.

Run into and kill innocent people and just do a few weeks pretending
to be a monk.

Drag a cop along the road and give a garland and a wai and hope all
will be forgiven.

Or even kill an officer and just gallivant around the world waiting
for the statute of limitations to run out.

A police force that thinks it is the law and not the people who should
enforce it.

Yes, we have seen it all. But as bad as this is, it is not the
essential heart of my rant.

My rant is about the death penalty – or the complete lack of it.

This is not an argument about whether Thailand should have the
ultimate sanction. In fact I think they should not; that is another
matter entirely.

It’s just that I wish they would make their mind up whether they are
going to use it or not.

Time and again officials come out to say that such and such a heinous
criminal will face death.

It is almost expected of police and prosecutors in trying to satisfy a
public baying for blood and retribution in the wake of the latest
crime played out on social media.

Yes, we’ll execute the men who killed for an iPhone in Lat Prao. Of
course we will.

Sure, the Krabi massacre people will all be dispatched to the next life.


The authorities have no intention of carrying out their threats even
if the courts impose the death penalty.


I don’t know. Maybe they fear a backlash especially from the liberals of Europe.

Why do I always feel that the possible effect on tourism is some kind
of common denominator, some kind of bottom line?

The iPhone thieves were convicted and sentenced to death. It was a
horrendous crime against an innocent member of the public. There was
no doubt in the case.

But they will remain in jail. Sure they are unlikely ever to see the
light of day but they won’t die for their crime.

The judge who said they would, knows it – just like most members of
the public know it.

Just like everyone else who has been sentenced to die in the last eight years.

Remember the man on the railway who raped and killed the girl in the toilet.

Uproar – put the scum to death!

Isn’t he enjoying rice porridge every day – despite the public outcry.

Yes, no one has been executed since 2009.

It is only two more years before an organization as prestigious as
Amnesty International will add Thailand to a list where – for all
intents and purposes – the penalty, through not being used, in reality
is not considered to exist.

But still they bang on that people will be executed.

It is nothing short of macabre PR.

And a complete lie to keep the public from complaining too much.

Just another tool to control and spoon feed the masses.

And if you believe that the death penalty is actually a deterrent –
then it is a toothless tool at that.

When it comes to the death penalty the Thais need to scrap it or use it.

And stop this play acting.

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