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Northern Soul – A unique night out in Pattaya


Northern Soul – A unique night out in Pattaya

Northern Soul is making it’s mark on Pattaya in a big way

The latest event

Here we go …………… next night is going to be better than ever (no pun intended!!!) We’ve got both Barry and Ricky again to DJ….. same format, ฿400 baht at the door for 2 hours free-flow beer, wine and soft drinks… New venue that we think is just brilliant….. The Boomerang Bar is on Soi Arunothai, leads off Pattaya Klang at the lights opposite Big C Extra (Carrefour), about 500 metres down on the left.
Loads of street parking all around…. bring yer dancin shoes !!!!


A Big thanks to our sponsors…. without whom we could not do these events and to Dan and Tom from Inspire Magazine for an awesome and “inspiring” poster…..

What’s been said about Northern Soul

Find your ‘soul mates’ at the groovy Northern Soul nights
PATTAYA’S international reputation may center around red lights and sleaze, but proof that there’s much more to this city than meets the eye can be seen with the introduction of Eva Johnson and Earl Brown’s Northern Soul Night.

British Expat Earl, a Thailand resident for seven years, had never seen northern soul here, and after chatting on Facebook with fellow Briton Eva, a northern soul veteran who was there in its inception, the pair realized they had a mutual passion for soul music and decided to set up their own club night.

The pair held their first event last November at ‘Play’ on Walking Street and it was a huge success. “Over 130 people turned up to that event,” says Earl. “We had a handful of sponsors and raised 45,000 baht for the Mercy Center.”

Eva asked the crowd if they wanted to have another party. The yell of approval was so exuberant that her answer was simple: “that’s settled then. See you all in February.”

From there, the reputation of Northern Soul has, to quote the M People song, just been ‘Moving on Up.’
The duo held its second event on Feb 17 at the trendy ‘Deep’ bar at the Dusit d2 and the venue was packed with people having a great time. The entry fee of 400 baht entitled guests to two hours of free flow beer and wine. And by 8.30pm the venue was full of people dancing away to DJs Barry Willmore and Ricky Vaughan, while LCD screens and projectors showed some great old northern soul footage which helped create a real authentic vibe.

The crowd was a good mix of soul aficionados and newbies experiencing Northern Soul for the first time, with people
traveling from Bangkok and Rayong.

This time more sponsors were on board and with increased numbers, the evening raised a whopping 75,000 baht for charity, which in this case was the Melissa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation.

Plans are already underway for the third Northern Soul night in Pattaya, which will surely gain more sponsors, more enthusiasts and raise funds for local charities.

There is also talk about creating these events in Bangkok, so watch this space.

For more information please email Eva or Earl at [email protected]
Or search ‘pattaya soul club’ on Facebook.

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