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Pattaya BULLY EXPO 2019 at Eastern National Sports Center – Saturday 26th January


Pattaya BULLY EXPO 2019 at Eastern National Sports Center – Saturday 26th January

Invited to see the cute dogs of the Bully breed and the top dog show contest in more than 20 countries at the “PATTAYA BULLY EXPO” event this 26 January at the Eastern National Sports Center Soi Chaiyapruek 2.

Pattaya City, in conjunction with the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association and the ABR (American bully register) association, organizes the PATTAYA BULLY EXPO event on 26 January 2019 at the indoor athletics building, the Eastern National Sports Center, Soi Chaiyapruek 2 to connect the relationship. Good for those who love and love bulldogs, both domestic and international. Attract people Dog lovers Join the competition World Championship Which is the biggest bullying dog show in Asia In the event, there will be a dog sterilization campaign. Vaccination against rabies Booth activities Dog contest Top dog shows from domestic and international With more than 20 countries interested in participating in the event which will promote tourism Is stimulating the tourism economy for Thailand and Pattaya. Resulting in a revolving income in Pattaya.

With the following schedule
09.45 hrs., The dog begins to enter the contest field and the weight hauling field.
11.00 hrs. Opening Ceremony with Mr. Sonthaya Khunpluem, President of Pattaya City
13.00 hrs. Show the top famous dogs from 10 countries that attended such events as America
France and the People’s Republic of China
15.00 hrs, meet the world’s leading Breeder with the guidance and vision of the future of American Bully.
16.00 hrs. Representatives and the Eastern Region Medical Association give advice on care American Bully breed dogs correctly, distance, heat stroke

For more information on Phone number 080 967 1314 You can follow news and activities in Pattaya according to various channels. Just type the word prpattaya on the Facebook Fan page, Instagram, Twitter Weibo (WeiPo, the most popular Chinese social network), YouTube and Line @. You will receive news and events. From Pattaya, easy, convenient, fast, or inform the complaint Or inquire about various information via “Saithom, President of Pattaya City” or ask for more information at Automatic phone number PATTAYA CONTACT CENTER 1337 24 hours.

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