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Rice Aid Pattaya 2012 – East Meets West Charity Concert


Rice Aid Pattaya 2012 – East Meets West Charity Concert

Charity concert in Pattaya…

Rice Aid Campaign Charity Concert for Father Ray Foundation Pattaya

Musicians 4 Charity will be hosting a special night of entertainment and celebration at Sraan Restaurant on Theprasit Road, Pattaya (across from the Elephant Village and Decorum Furniture) on Sunday, June 17th from 18.00 p.m.

Everyone welcome! Come on by, show your support, and have some fun in the process. All proceeds will be donated to the Father Ray Foundation.

Because every kid deserves a bowl of rice!. A special night of entertainment and celebration.

In Thailand, the Rice Mother Mae Posop is worshiped as rice itself. It is believed that, like a mother who feeds her children, Mae Posop gives her body and soul to sustain human life. At harvest, Mae Posop is said to be shy and easily frightened by men. Before harvest, no men, loud noises, or talk of death and demons are permitted. Such disturbances are thought to result in crop failure. Interesting… See below for some facts about rice!

 Facts About Rice:

1. Rice helps feed two-thirds of the world’s population.
2. Rice has been feeding mankind for more than 5,000 years.
3. The first documented account of rice was by a Chinese emperor about 2,800 BC.
4. Colonists were the first to cultivate rice in America. It began by accident when a ship’s captain made a gift of Golde Seede Rice to a local planter in South Carolina.
5. Rice is used in beer, dog food, baby food, breakfast cereals, snacks, frozen foods and sauces, and much more!
6. There is also research on growing rice that is packed with vitamins. This basic food source helps feed many people who live in countries with little food.
Thailand is still struggling with the worst flooding it has had in over 50 years. Last years floods affected a third of its provinces and swamped its densely populated capital, Bangkok, displacing thousands of people, many of them children and many of them disabled with no place to go.
Below are some numbers on the impact of the floods:
– 28 of Thailand’s 77 provinces were affected
– 4 million acres (1.6 million hectares) of land was flooded, an area roughly the size of Kuwait or Swaziland, or twice the size of Puerto Rico
– 356 Thais have been killed as a result of the floods. Neighbouring countries have also suffered fatalities, including Cambodia (247) Vietnam (63) and Laos (30) Myanmar, where at least 100 have been killed.
– 12.5 percent of Thailand’s rice paddies have been damaged
– 2.45 million Thais have been affected
– 800,000 is the estimated number of homes destroyed
– 720,000 people have been treated for water-borne diseases and stress
– 7 big industrial estates north of Bangkok have had to halt operations
– 10,938 businesses have been affected
– 640,547 people in industry are temporarily out of work
– Approx. 7 million tonnes of paddy has been lost from Thailand’s main 2011/12 rice crop, which means total production will drop to 18 million tonnes.
– 1,200 shelters have set up across the country, to accommodating 113,000 evacuees

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