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Thai adults are letting down their children


Thai adults are letting down their children

I am quite sick of hearing stories about child abuse.

There is nothing new there.

I long since realized that the party line, holier-than-thou approach
that said Thais were beyond reproach when it came to the care of
children was just pie in the sky.

Those early images of older people standing up for kids on the bus
have faded as the reality has kicked in.

Thais are probably no better or worse than any other nationality when
it comes to children.

Though there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows children being
treated like chattel I prefer not to dwell on that.

What is sickening in the extreme is not necessarily when the abuse
itself occurs.

That is bad enough.

No, what really sickens me is the response of those adults who should
be investigating the allegations.

The case in point this week is the ghastly case of the little five
year old boy who had a hot water bottle thrust down his trousers while
his hands were tied behind his back.

The little boy had to have part of his genitals amputated.

It hardly needs to be stated that this is inhuman in the extreme.

But what did the police do? If the mother is to be believed….precisely nothing.

Why the hell should it make a difference that the alleged torturer is a soldier?

The couple who were paid to look after the child because the mother
had to work have not just shown themselves to be unworthy of trust.

They have tried to squirm out of responsibility and escape punishment.

Both should be jailed with the soldier doing twenty years if found guilty.

Instead they are free and it is clearly the connivance of the police
that has enabled this to be so.

And to what degree are the medical staff responsible in not following
up on the case?

This is just as sickening as the original sub-human event perpetrated
against such an innocent child.

Why should a mother have to go to a prominent human rights lawyer to
get justice?

Why do the supposed upholders of the law think they can do nothing?

Is it just a question of corruption or don’t people care about
children enough to do anything?

This case needs instant and decisive action. With the highest levels
of government getting involved.

Firstly, against the couple whose behavior is sickening.

Then against the people who have let the case go cold.

The pictures of the little boy are gut wrenching in their sadness.

If his treatment and torment goes unpunished then society should hold
its head in shame.

People who abuse children are the scum of the earth.

Those who protect abusers are equally culpable.

It is time for responsible adults to act on behalf of the Thai children.

Or it won’t just be Thai –ness that you have let down.

You won’t even be considered human yourselves.

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