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Thailand Precision Flying EFC Saturday 9 – 10 March 2013


Thailand Precision Flying EFC Saturday 9 – 10 March 2013

The 2rd Precision Flying in Pattaya

For E.F.C. 2013 we’ve invested, at huge expense, in 30 GPS data-loggers. These are about the size/weight of a small box-of-matches and they record your GPS fix every second of your flight. Therefore we will know exactly how close you get to each way point and, we’ll know the precise time you reached it. You will be handed your data-logger by a marshal immediately prior to starting your engine (already switched-on for you) and, you’ll hand it back to a marshal after shut-down (still switched-on!). Your file will then be downloaded by another marshal and your score will be calculated in a matter of seconds.
Therefore, at E.F.C. 2013 there will be no ground signals to identify although, like last year, you will be given photos of the ground features that are the way points.

Timetables of Events

Aircraft may arrive early for an evening meal and refreshments. Camping space will be available for those who wish to rough-it or if you’ve rented a car, you can collect it at Eastern.

Saturday 9th March
(06:30 – 07:00) Launch trikes/Quick silvers for Navigation Event.
(06:30 – 11:00) Air Traffic will be present for visiting aircraft and trikes/Quick silvers
(07:30 – 08:30) Trikes/Quick-silvers return for Spot Landing Event
(08:30 – 11:00) Breakfast and refreshments will be available in the clubhouse restaurant
(11:00 – 12:00) Crew briefing and completion of entry forms
(12:00 – 14:00) Lunch in the clubhouse restaurant
13:30, First aircraft take-off for Main Navigation Event and thereafter at intervals of 3 to 5 minutes
14:30, First aircraft returns for Spot-landing
16:30, Last aircraft take-off
18:15, Last aircraft returns for Spot-landing
18:20, Marshals calculate points for competitor
19:00, Commence “Precision BBQ”
19:45, Results have been calculated
20:00, Announce results and prize giving

Sunday 10th March
07:00, Tea/coffee in hotels or in the clubhouse restaurant
07:45, Depart for breakfast fly-out to somewhere close – to be decided
10:30, Depart for home airfields.


Pattaya Eastern Flying Club (VTW5) Bang Lamung Chonburi Thailand 20150

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