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EnergyX Wall™ from ICM Technology


EnergyX Wall™ from ICM Technology

EnergyX Wall™ is a REVOLUTIONARY 100% Waterproof, Dehumidifying & Drying Energy Efficient Smart-Hybrid Wall that reduce saponification and fungus growth to create a healthy and comfortable living.

ICM Technology | Nanomaterial Products

ICM Technology manufactures and provides cutting-edge construction materials and nanomaterial products. Featuring unsurpassed energy efficiency, our product line has been developed to meet all requirements of the modern-day construction. Our high quality yet cost-effective concrete and nanomaterial products use a unique patented technology that helps reduce construction time and keeps costs low. ICM Tech products yield high-quality constructions with unique energy saving properties.

16 Soi Phatthanakan 54, Suan Luang, Bangkok, Thailand 10250
+66 (0)2 115 2242
+66 (0)2 115 5442
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