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How to Find a Decent & Affordable Tailor in Bangkok


How to Find a Decent & Affordable Tailor in Bangkok

If you are planning your visit to Thailand, it will be a good idea to get your suit stitched at one of the decent and affordable tailoring shops in Bangkok. On the contrary to the European or Italian market, you will find here some affordable tailoring options that really keep your style in concern. In Bangkok, the real bespoke tailoring option comes in your budget.

These days, many tour and travel magazines also talk about the tailoring opportunities in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries, like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan. If the real bespoke tailoring in just a few hundred dollars is in your mind, Bangkok could prove your ultimate destination. A decent suit in regular wool will now be within your affordable limits.

Touring & Tailoring Combo

Bangkok is one of the leading tourist destinations that draw the attention of the global tourists. The capital city of Thailand offers you a plenty of attractions, with reasonably priced accommodation and food options. While you are exploring the majestic beauty of Bangkok, you won’t mind getting your suit stitched at a local tailoring shop that will save you hundreds of dollars.

In Bangkok, we offer you a comfortable and affordable stay option at our Smart Suite Boutique Hotel. Another advantage is that you can get your bespoke suite stitched in our own tailoring shop Ambassador & Smart Fashion (AMBFA). You don’t need to go anywhere; the tailor master will take measurements in the hotel itself for stitching your stylish suit. At AMBFA, we follow an advanced tailoring and making process and deliver the suit before the guest checks out.

Quality, Affordability & Timeliness

Amidst the demand of the high quality bespoke tailoring that goes easy on the wallet; Bangkok has fast been recognized as a destination for affordable tailoring. The demand of suit stitching for both men and women could be very high at times. But at AMBFA, we always focus on quality, style and affordability. We allow you to choose the fabric that suits your style and always maintain a decent quality.  Suits can be crafted with a complete perfection that will fit well.

We, at AMBFA, pay a great deal of attention in ensuring your great fitting that allows you to showcase your personal style. Our tailor masters take measurements, keeping every detailing in mind. They have the required skills of creating a good quality bespoke suit that determines an individual’s style statement. A final tweaking may also require for making every part of the suit perfect for matching someone’s style. And everything is accomplished well within the given deadline. It never means that affordable tailoring is a compromise with the quality, particularly when you will be able to find out a decent tailoring shop in Bangkok.

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